Website for photographer Sita Kumar
Built and launched 2012
Mocked up in Illustrator and Photoshop,
built with HTML & CSS, referring to Dreamweaver for testing

The intention of this site was to make Sita's photography the centre of attention, so the site design was kept simple and clean. The coding was also simple, choosing good ol' HTML & CSS so that the pages load quickly and are viewable on all browsers.
Website for myself, Ash Tanasiychuk aka Format No Auto
Built and launched 2010
Mocked up in Illustrator and Photoshop,
built with HTML & CSS, referring to Dreamweaver for testing.
Flash for the centre gallery

This site operates as a landing page to the work of Format No Auto. It gives the viewer a sense of the variety of skills and talents that I have, and the range of work I do. Along the top are clear links to my online presence, such as Linked In, Flickr, and Wordpress. This is's version 3.0
Website for VIVO Media Arts, a long-running, well established artist run centre in Vancouver BC.
Built in 2010, launched 2011
Mocked up in Illustrator, built with Drupal admin panel and hand coding.

VIVO is many things: an education centre, a gallery for visual art, video screenings, music and dance performances, an affordable place to rent editing suites and video equipment. So the task was to make a site that encompassed all this without being overwhelming.
The client chose Drupal as a robust framework that the client could update and maintain themselves. I brought on Hubert Florin, Drupal programmer extraordinaire, to assist with the more complex aspects of the site, which we pulled off with style and on budget.
Website for Premium Staffing Solutions, a full-service recruitment agency based in Vancouver BC.
Designed, built, and launched 2007
Mocked up in Illustrator, built by handcoding and with Dreamweaver. Adobe Flash used for the home page image banner and clickable presentation

For many years, Premium had a functional but highly unusable website. Their intention was to make their site approachable, easy to use, easy to search, easy to apply for work. They approached ShowMakers, my employer at the time, to create a new, more attractive, more efficient site. I was given full reign on the project and I loved every part of the process: working with the client, designing mockups, finalizing a workable design, and building an efficient site that is also easily updated by the client.
Website for Open To Chance, a socially conscious hand-screened Tshirt company
Built and launched 2007
Mocked up in Illustrator and Photoshop,
built with HTML & CSS, referring to Dreamweaver for testing.

As an online store, Stefan and Reid wanted an easy-to-navigate and easy-to-use site. Luckily for me, they are easy going guys and their Tshirt design style is quite loose and illustrative, so I kept that vibe with the site design. The clients are very happy with the result - other than minor text updates and adding new Tshirt designs to the store, the site has remained the same, going strong since 2007!

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