The 1/3 ad (5 13/16" x 8"). Although some infomation and a couple photos needed to be removed for this size to work and still be legible, I feel this was an excellent result. It maintained consistency with the 2/3 ad and poster, and all the absolutely pertinent information remained.
The 2/3 ad (7 5/16" x 11"). This was the 1st piece due. Quite conveniently, these dimensions are also exactly proportional to the full size poster, so I created the poster 1st, then scaled down to this 2/3 ad. Which meant I was able to keep all the information on this ad size. Which of course the client was very pleased to see. 
The largest piece: an 11" x 17" poster. It, like the 2/3 ad, contains all the information requested by the client.

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