Photodoc: Ecos en Silencio performance art

This evening of 4 simultaneous performances was easily one of the most enjoyable evenings I've experienced this year. In an indiscreet location, Guadalupe Martinez wrote from entrance door, down stairs, into the main hangar-like room where Nelly César was taping huge sections of geometric shapes around tables, around standing people, around sitting people, while Emilio Rojas had locked himself inside a clothes dryer with only a massive flashlight, his robes trailing out of the closed door. Luciana D'Anunciação danced in a head-to-toe frilled layered costume, contorting her body every which way, at times poking sections of her body out, teasingly, while Alex Mah accompanied her on guitar. After Luciana's performance, Emilio Rojas would emerge to spread stones across the cement floor, then move from room to room, spraying a garden hose on himself, on his plants, then get undressed, and proceed to set off a fire extinguisher… Compliments from the artists: Alex Mah: "Thanks very much, Ash. They look great." Emilio Rojas: "Ash thank you so much the photos are incredible... grateful for your vision.." Guadalupe Martinez: "WOW Ash, thanks so much for the amazing documentation, for sharing it with us, and for your generous support. I will certainly use the photos and credit you accordingly." Yoo-Mi Lee (venue owner): "Thanks for all you do for the arts - really appreciate you being at all these events and capturing the people, the space, the art, and the intersection of all."

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