I drew a portrait of Fluxus artist Joseph Beuys based off a very famous photo promoting his 1st show in the US
My drawing of artist Joseph Beuys, pencil on paper. Original size: 11x17"
Contrast increased in Photoshop.
Image made b&w and vector in Illustrator,
printed as transparency at BLIM.
Transparency laid on emulsion screen under intense lights for 6min. This is the result. The purple is the hardened emulsion, where paint won't go through.
1st print: bright yellow print on deep grey/green construction paper
2nd print: blue & green print on canvas paper
detail of the print on canvas paper
3rd print: dark green print on green tshirt!
tshirt, on hanger
tshirt, on manly chest ;)
4th print: a fun experiment: dark blue print on orange paint on cardboard.
detail of the print on cardboard.

Thanks Blim! This was a blast - see you again soon!

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